Process Focused Consulting

integrationOur objective at Onesta RTMS Inc. is to improve our clients’ competitiveness by streamlining business processes and implementing integrated software to complement your business processes. We turn our 30 plus years of knowledge and experience into value for our clients!

We use a process focused implementation methodology. Simply put, that means that we focus on the understanding of our clients' business processes. Then we apply those processes to each implementation rather than trying to apply the software to the process.

Onesta RTMS Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the sales and rapid implementation of business application software and software tools that address the functional and business intelligence requirements for manufacturers and distributors in the United States and Canada.

We have had much success throughout our careers working with process manufacturers - companies that make food, beverages, nutraceuticals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Process Manufacturers face an ever mounting list of regulations from the FDA, USDA, EPA and other local, state and federal government agencies. Let us help you through that landscape by implementing systems, policies and procedures that allow you to focus on what you do best.

Implementation is more than "Installation"

We believe that “Installation does not equal implementation”. Far too many companies have treated their ERP implementation as an installation of software.

whoSo what is the difference?

Installation is getting your business software to work.... the loading, setup and configuration of the software and training on the basic use of the software.

Implementation, means that we first clearly understand the business requirements and objectives which then allows us to effectively apply the software to meet those business requirements.

Why should it matter?

A critical element to the successful implementation of software is making sure that the users have a deep appreciation of the various functions of the software and the ability to be self-sufficient in working with the software to meet the daily business requirements.

Mission Statement

Onesta RTMS Inc. delivers high value products and services that meet our clients' business requirements.

Focus On The Client

We focus on understanding the clients’ processes and requirements to deliver value throughout each implementation by:

  • focus240Effectively listening to our clients for their critical needs and expectations coupled with service and products to provide results for improved ROI. Efficient implementations with process focus and client profitability are the hallmarks of our work.
  • On-site service teams that work with clients to find the best operational and business solution to meet their business requirements.
  • Senior industry, application and technical experience to supplement your Subject Matter Experts (SME) along with a reputable list of partners capable of addressing a wide variety of business requirements.
  • Extensive project and product experience to help facilitate a more efficient implementation and ensure client personnel are capable of using the product once the formal implementation is complete.

Our philosophy for successful project completion revolves around three key elements:

  • On Time Delivery of the Project
  • Stay within the Project Budget
  • “Use Capable” (The employees can effectively use the product without being dependent on the vendor)

Keeping all project stakeholders fully informed through effective communication using detailed implementation reviews, project reports and invoicing.

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Onesta RTMS Inc. is a Certified BatchMaster Software, Inc. Channel Partner.

We are an independent source for all services related to BatchMaster Enterprise (BME) software for:

  • New BatchMaster Enterprise (BME) implementations
  • Upgrades from previous version of BatchMaster to the current release - BatchMaster BME v8.40
  • Sage PFW Migration to BatchMaster BME and Sage 300 Financials
  • GHS Safety Data Sheets - time is slipping away and June 1, 2015 will be on you before you know it. Let us help you convert your MSDS to the new SDS GHS format.
  • SQL Server / BME Technical Support. Local or Remote Support available
  • Crystal Reports Support - Forms and Report modifications to meet your exacting business requirements.

Let us help you understand why BatchMaster is the premier ERP software solution for formula / recipe based manufacturing companies. BatchMaster provides the ability to scale batches and supports backward and forward lot traceability. Laboratory management, Quality Control and Compliance Control are all a integrated part of BatchMaster.

All of the various versions of BatchMaster software (with the exception of Sage PFW and Sage 300 which is registered to Sage Software, Inc.) are registered trademarks of eWorkplace Solutions, Inc. and BatchMaster Software, Inc.